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Next Generation Networking & Security Solutions


Business and digital transformation are one and the same, and technology is at the core of the business achieving success

  • The business is focused on three critical outcomes:
    • Improve your customer’s experience
    • Enhance employee satisfaction
    • The ability to deliver both in a secure environment and reduce compliance risk

What has changed?

  • IT has changed from being a participant to an enabler of these transformations

Today’s networks are being stretched beyond their ability to deliver

Siloed networks are too complicated and costly to meet the demands of the business

  • Today there are Multiple siloed networks Wired LAN +wireless LAN + Wide Area Networks + data center + cloud infra + applications delivered via Software as a Service. All of these “networks” are managed and maintained separately and independently, making it difficult to gain visibility into who and what is accessing the network
  • Plus, security is often an afterthought, bolted on, as a band-aid to address problems, often exacerbating the complexity issue IT is facing. With no clear perimeter to the network, risk only grows. And with more users and devices coming onto the network, the issue only multiplies
    • 71% of the world’s population will be mobile users by 2022
    • 50% of the global connected devices will be IoT by 2022
  • There was a 27% increase in security breaches in 2017, and a security breach can really cost a business, according to third party security report:
    • It takes 11.2 months for a company to recover from a breach
    • Costs on average $9.5M
    • And, longer term, a breach lowers brand value by 31%
  • It is all unsustainable, resulting in the inability to move at the speed of business. (manual changes, downtime due to human error, troubleshooting burden, maintenance costs).
  • For example:
    • 95% of network changes are manual in nature
    • 70% of policy violations are caused by human nature (don’t like use of human nature, not a thing and not specific enough)
    • Over 43% of IT’s time, and 75% of IT OPEX cost is spent on troubleshooting the network

The Solution

The network of the future has to be intentionally built back from business outcomes.

To bridge the gap between business intent and IT performance the network must be built up of 4 pillars:

  1. A single network that merges wired, wireless, data center, cloud, etc.
  2. Consistently secure – integrating security into the networking model
  3. Provide end to end visibility – constantly learning and optimizing performance and security
  4. Comprehensively automated – Continuously monitoring network that can adapt to change

IBL Unisys offers an integrated Intent Based Networking solutions that span the entire enterprise, with consistent policy and embedded security from the end user to the application

Partnerships with leading technology giants in all domains – LAN, Wireless, WAN, Security and Data Center enables IBL Unisys to be the leader in integrating each domain so that our customers achieve consistent network policy for the Enterprise. A network that can automatically detect a user, device, or thing, categorize it, allow you to set a policy for it, and enforce that policy across the Campus/Branch, WAN, and Data Center and hybrid cloud.

Continuously monitoring network that provides 100% visibility into what is happening from a user, device, and applications perspective., supported by A.I. and Machine Learning. We are able to integrate best of breed security IN to a market leading network:

  • Because the network itself can act as a sensor as well as an enforcer it can detect malware in encrypted traffic without decrypting which allows the network to identify and respond to threats automatically across the network
  • And when Security is IN the network it reduces the impact of a breach by 48%

What We Offer?

State-of-the-art networking and security solutions to meet the needs of every organization comprising of:

  • Software Defined Infrastructure
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Software Defined Access
    • Software Defined WAN
  • IT Security
    • Endpoint Security
    • Next Generation Firewalls
    • Datacenter Security
    • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
    • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Privilege Access Management (PIM/PAM)
    • Multifactor Authentication
    • Email Security
    • Web Security
    • DNS Security
    • Web Application Security
  • Wireless
    • Cloud Managed and On-Prem WLAN Solutions
  • Collaboration Solutions
    • Video Conferencing
    • Telepresence
    • Unified Communications

Software Defined Infrastructure

IBL-Unisys’ portfolio consists of software defined infrastructure solutions encompassing all the domains such as datacenter networking, cloud networking, campus networking and wide area networking.

With expert resources, having multiple years of industry experience in designing and deploying software defined networking solutions, the organizations can trust on our abilities to overcome their challenges.

IT Security

With the rapid explosion in number of connected devices, the network has become perimeter less. Organizations now must rethink security. Multiple enforcement and inspection points are needed to ensure security of the data.

IBL-Unisys offers a range of security solutions, purpose built for organizations of any size. The range of solutions cover everything from an endpoint to the cloud hosted datacenters.


According to the latest trends, the number of wireless devices is increasing exponentially, and this trend is expected to continue for the upcoming times as well. Wireless solutions are the basis of BYOD, IoT and other cutting-edge technologies being adopted by organizations globally.

IBL-Unisys, with its team of experts can offer complete WLAN solutions for organizations in the fields of manufacturing, education, retail, hospitality, banking and telecommunication.


Flexible office spaces and roaming users need access to enterprise collaboration 24×7. The need for instant and immersive communication with anybody is the requirement of rapidly expanding organizations.

IBL-Unisys offers state of the art collaboration solutions with enterprise grade communication, video conferencing, immersive telepresence, interactive whiteboarding and web/mobile based video communications.

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